Surrey Square Primary School

Surrey Square Primary School


At Surrey Square we believe that excellent attendance and punctuality leads to better outcomes for pupils. This is also backed up by research that shows pupils who have excellent attendance make better progress than those who do not.

Term Time leave form

Parents are requested to complete a term time leave form in advance of any non-medical planned absence. This form can be accessed here or can be collected from the school office. 

Contacting us

If your child is absent, please contact us as soon as possible on the first day of absence to let us know why they are off. This should be done by phoning or coming in person to the school office, or by emailing More details about when to contact us for continued days of absence can be found in the school’s attendance policy.

Be on the line at 5 to 9!

It is important that you child is on the line at 5 to 9 as our school day starts promptly at 9am. Any child arriving after 9:05 will be recorded as late. Children arriving after 9:30 will not receive their attendance mark for the morning's session.

Attendance and Punctuality Tips!

- Get book bags and clothes ready the night before to speed up the morning routine                  

- Make sure your child is in bed at a reasonable time                                                                

-Use breakfast Club (for children in Reception to Y6). It's open from 8am, is free of charge and they will always be on time! 

- Let your child's teacher know if you or they are having problems getting up for school                          

- Make routine appointments eg dentist, during the holidays or after school

For further details please see our attendance policy

If you have any further queries about attendance and punctuality, please speak to Carol (Assistant Head Teacher) or Sue (Attendance Officer) or Fi (Family & Community Coordinator).