Surrey Square Primary School

Surrey Square Primary School


Our core values provide the framework for our approach to managing behaviour. Read more about this here.

To support this, we have a range of rewards which recognise when children make good choices and show the values in action. For example, we have stickers for each core value reading ‘Ask me how I’ve shown RESPECT today’. Postcards are sent home to share good news with parents, and certificates celebrate success in assemblies.

Sometimes children do not get it right, and we work closely with families to ensure that any poor choices are followed up so that children understand the consequences of their decisions. Very occasionally, this can result in a fixed term exclusion, when the school takes the decision that a pupil must spend some time out of school. This is a last resort, and the school is proud of supporting pupils, even those who find it very difficult, to be a success in our school.

Read our behaviour policy here.