Surrey Square Primary School

Surrey Square Primary School

SEND Report - Information For Parents

Our School Offer has been written and co-produced with families, children and young people. It was last updated in January 2020.  We welcome any feedback and comments on it.

All Southwark maintained schools have a similar approach to meeting the needs of pupils with Special Educational Needs and are supported by the Local Authority to ensure that all pupils, regardless of their specific needs, make the best possible progress in school. For more information on Southwark’s Local offer, follow this link:

Surrey Square Primary is a fully inclusive school that welcomes and celebrates diversity.  We are truly committed to our school mission:

‘Personal and academic excellence; everyone, everyday.’

The School’s SEND Offer should be read in consultation with other key school policies that are accessible on the schools website:  Teaching and Learning Policy; Safeguarding Policy; Behaviour Policy; Administration of Medicine Policy; Single Equalities Scheme; Intimate Care Policy and the Anti-bullying policy.

Types of SEN, disability and medical needs

Who are the best people to talk to about my child’s progress and Special Educational  Needs and/or disability?

What to do if you have concerns about a child.

What are the different types of support or strategies available to support children with SEND?

How will I know how my child is progressing in school?


How is our school accessible to children with SEND?

How does Surrey Square support pastoral care and care outside the classroom?

What support is available at less structured times of the day (e.g. playtime, lunch)?

How will my child be supported when they are leaving Surrey Square or moving to another class?

How are the teachers at Surrey Square helped to work with children with SEND and what training do they have?

What parents say about SEND @ Surrey Square….

What the children say about SEND @ Surrey Square….

Information about funding and resources

How do I complain if I am not happy with what is happening for my child?

Glossary of commonly used terms

Useful links and websites